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If you are looking for companion headstones for graves, you will find a wide selection of headstones at Tombco. Tombco is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality headstones, including a range of double / companion headstones for graves.

Tombco is a leading brand in the tombstone manufacturing industry. Tombco manufactures high quality granite headstones, and offering them at very competitive industry prices. If you are looking for a tombstone that will fit into your price range, you will find a wide selection to choose from at our headstone company.

Tombco has grown into one of the largest tombstone factories in South Africa, with 22 factories across the country. Contact Tombco’s head office in the Free State, or find a Tombco near you to purchase one of our beautiful companion headstones for your loved one’s grave.

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What to look for in a tombstone - Get high quality double / companion headstones

If you are looking for a companion tombstone for a double grave, there are a few aspects to consider to ensure that the headstone meets your expectations:

  • Quality: Make sure that you purchase a high quality tombstone that is manufactured from a strong material such as granite or marble. Tombco uses top quality granite to manufacture our granite companion tombstones for your needs.
  • Price: Before purchasing a tombstones, you need to determine the price range and what you can afford. This will make it easier when searching for a companion headstone. The friendly staff at Tombco will show you which companion headstones are in the price range you have established.
  • Installation: Installation of the headstone is another important aspect to consider – the tombstone needs to be installed professionally to ensure that it doesn’t shift or fall over. Talk to our team at Tombco about the installation of your companion headstone.
  • Lettering: Tombco will also take care of the lettering of your tombstone, and can also advise you on suitable wording if you are unsure. Read through examples of tombstone messages for your companion headstone.

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Tombstone is a leading manufacturer of granite tombstones in South Africa, with 124 showrooms country wide. Visit one of our showrooms near you to see our beautiful companion / double headstones. Our team will advise you on the best options that will fit your budget, and supply you with high quality granite tombstones that will last for many years to come.

Contact Tombco today for a quote to purchase one of our beautiful double / companion tombstones.