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Affordable Headstones – Cheap but durable

Choosing a headstone for your loved one’s grave might be a difficult task, especially in light of your current situation. Opting for a cheap tombstone can have negative repercussions, but why settle for low quality when you can buy high quality granite tombstones at Tombco at a very affordable price. At Tombco we understand that this is a difficult and sensitive time, which is why we aim to assist you by supplying headstones with friendly and professional service. At Tombco we boast 18 years of service and experience in the tombstone manufacturing industry. Our wide range of headstones will ensure that you find a gravestone to suit your needs as well as your budget.

Budget Range Tombstones

Tombco offers a Budget Range of headstones, which is a cheap and more affordable range. Even though we sell them at a lower price, these headstones are still very high quality granite stones. The only difference is that they are smaller in size, meaning less granite material is used.

We believe that every person deserves a beautiful and high quality headstone for their grave, which is why we manufactured a cheaper range for those who cannot afford large and costly gravestones. Tombco guarantees that you will be satisfied with the quality of your Budget Range headstone. In addition to our Budget Range, we also have various headstones on special – from basic headstones to more complex designs, you will surely find the stone you need. You are welcome to give us your budget, and we will advise you on your best options. Even if money is tight, we will supply you with the headstone your loved one deserves.

Why you should buy your headstone at Tombco

At Tombco we understand that it is a very sad time when losing a loved-one. We aim to make the process of choosing a tombstone as easy as possible, not burdening you with tough decisions in this difficult time. Whether you opt for a cheap or more costly headstone, you are still an important client to us.

Tombco is a leading manufacturer of tombstones in South Africa, supplying clients with top quality, durable headstones for many years. With so much expertise gained over the years, we know how to manufacture lasting headstones for our clients. Call us today to enquire, our view our products online to get a better idea of what you might want. For friendly advice about our quality gravestone products, contact us.
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About our affordable tombstones for sale

When purchasing a tombstone for sale from Tombco, you are assured of the best quality granite or marble headstones. You will receive a guarantee on our real granite headstones, adding to your peace of mind. Should you have something a little more unique or special in mind, then we will also try to accommodate your request as far as possible. Making the process of choosing an affordable tombstone for sale for a loved-one’s grave even easier, complete our online order form to find out more about the tombstone you have in mind.

Trusted supplier of granite tombstones

Tombco has over 20 years of experience in the tombstone manufacturing industry, during which we have learnt how to manufacture and deliver the best quality headstones to our clients, at the best prices. Tombstones are also available to purchase on lay-by, if this is a payment option you prefer. We manufacture a wide range of different tombstones for sale which includes: a Budget Range consisting of more affordable headstone designs, our Standard Range which features a number of tombstones in different sizes and designs to fit various needs, an Executive Range featuring our exclusive and more intricate tombstone designs, a range of Double Headstones for families or loved ones, as well as our unique and special range of tombstone for children. You are guaranteed to find a tombstone for sale in one of these different ranges that fits your budget as well as your requirements.

Messages and engraving for headstones

Not sure about the headstone message or verse you would like to have engraved for your loved-one on their tombstone? This is often a difficult task, which is why our team at Tombco will assist to find a headstone message that meets your expectations. We at Tombco will also take care of the lettering / engraving on your tombstone. We will also take care of the tombstone installation at the gravesite – ensuring you of an all-inclusive service from Tombco, giving you tombstones and services at affordable prices. Our professional team will help you find the best and affordable tombstone for sale to fit your needs.

Contact Tombco today to talk to one of our friendly consultants about a tombstone / headstone for sale that you require – if you are not able to visit one of our showrooms, you can even place your order online, or we can bring the showroom to you so that you can choose a tombstone for a loved-one’s grave in the comfort of your own home.

Special headstone designs from Tombco

Tombco is a reputable manufacturer of tombstones for sale, offering customers high quality tombstones at very affordable prices. If you have a specific tombstone in mind, contact Tombco to assist - we will meet your requests as far as possible. You can also browse through our tombstone examples on our website, or visit our showroom to see our beautiful tombstone designs. We have various gravestone ranges available, ensuring that you will find a tombstone that meets your needs, as well as fits into your funeral budget. Contact us today for affordable headstones for sale.

Headstone ideas for children and babies

Choosing a headstone for a child's grave might be the hardest thing for a parent to do. A beautiful headstone will help to honour your child's short life here on earth, memorialising them for the parents and family. If you are looking for a special headstone design for your infant's gravesite, Tombco will assist. Tombco manufactures a beautiful range of headstones for children and babies, featuring a number of popular and child friendly headstone designs. Get high quality headstones for sale for your infant's grave at an affordable price from Tombco. Contact Tombco today to speak to a consultant about our headstones for infants, and to get a quote on the headstone you desire for your child's grave. Our friendly team will help make the process of finding a beautiful tombstone for your child's gravesite easy and hassle free.

Companion / Double headstones for companion graves

Many married couples and family members are choosing companion headstones for their graves. This companion / double headstone will have enough space to include the names of two family members. Should you consider being buried with your spouse or loved one in future, then a double headstone might be something to think about. Choosing a headstone is definitely not an easy task, as losing a loved one is very painful The staff at Tombco will discuss your options when it comes to available headstones, and also talk about the benefit of double / companion headstones for your family grave. Tombco manufactures a beautiful range of double headstones for sale, offering customers high quality headstone products. You can rely on our professional, friendly and knowledgeable team to help you find the best and most affordable companion gravestone for your needs.

Leading manufacturer of Tombstones for Sale

Tombco will assist you with your special tombstone design if you have something more unique and exclusive in mind. Tombco is willing and able to meet your special requests regarding the design of the headstone you desire. Talk to a consultant today for more information about our special headstone designs.

Does the cemetery need to approve the headstone?

Although most of our tombstones fall under the required rules and regulations of most cemeteries, it might not be a bad idea to contact your cemetery in this regard, especially if you are erecting a tombstone that is a little out of the ordinary. When getting consent to install the headstone, check with the cemetery to make sure that the headstone you desire adheres to the regulations and rules of the specific cemetery. The officer in charge at the cemetery will be able to assist you with the cemetery's rules and regulation. Tombco has been in the headstone manufacturing business for many years, during which we have gained extensive experience in the tombstone business. Together with our team at Tombco, we trust that you will find a tombstone within our range that meets the requirements of the cemetery as well as your needs. For more information, talk to a consultant at Tombco today, and we will gladly advise you in this regard.

Looking for a special design tombstone?

If you are looking for a specific tombstone design and can't find what you have in mind in one of our headstone ranges, Tombco will still be able to assist. Tombco is focussed on making the process of finding a headstone easy and hassle free, while at the same time supplying our clients with a tombstone that fits their requirements - even if they can't find what they need in one of our headstone ranges. Tombco is willing and able to accommodate your special design tombstone requests, just talk to a friendly and professional consultant for assistance in this regard. Tombco is a leading tombstone supplier, offering affordable and high quality special design tombstones to our clients.

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The benefits of a granite headstone

Granite is becoming the most popular choice of gravestone materials, due to the number of benefits it offers. Granite is a very hardy material and will withstand the test of time, giving you a lasting memorial for your loved-one's grave. There are many different choices available on the market when it comes to the manufacturing of headstones, but we assure you that you will not be disappointed in the quality of Tombco's granite headstones. Granite is also a very beautiful stone, available in different colours. Choose the colour granite and headstone design you love for a special and personalised tombstone for your loved-one's grave. For more information about our granite tombstones guarantee included, contact Tombco today for assistance.

Leading supplier of headstones for sale - Tombco

Tombco is a leading supplier of headstones for sale in the Free State and rest of South Africa. Tombco have assisted many families and individuals to obtain high quality and affordable headstones for sale for their loved-one's graves. With a wide selection of tombstones in our different ranges, our clients are sure to find tombstones for sale that meet their needs and their budgets. Let our friendly staff members at Tombco advise you on your best options, so that you can purchase a suitable headstone for your loved-one's grave, hassle free. If you are not up to the task of visiting a showroom, we can bring our brochures straight to your home, or the process can be completed via email and / or telephone.

Gravestones - Design, Material and Colour

Choosing the perfect gravestone for your loved-one's grave is not an easy task. This is a truly difficult time, and thinking about the design, material and colour of a headstone is not something most people want to do. Unfortunately aspects such as the material of the gravestone is extremely important in determining the durability of the stone. Here are a few tips and some information regarding gravestone design, material and colour, to make the process of finding a headstone easier for you. For assistance contact Tombco, the leading headstone manufacturing company in South Africa. Our friendly and professional team will help you to find a headstone that fits your needs.